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Netherlands Arbitration Institute

Established as a foundation in 1949, the Netherlands Arbitration Institute (Stichting Nederlands Arbitrage Instituut; “NAI”) operates on a non-profit basis and performs its duties entirely independently and impartially. The NAI aims to promote a number of different types of alternative dispute resolution: arbitration, binding advice and mediation, in particular by providing trade and industry with soundly regulated arbitral, binding advice and mediation procedures. The NAI is the largest general arbitration institute in the Netherlands, a solid and innovative organisation with by far the most experience with and knowledge of different forms of ADR. The NAI is located in the centre of Rotterdam, the vivacious trading centre of the Netherlands with one of the largest ports of the world. read more >

Latest News

9 and 23 March 2015

During the rush hour course, an explanation will be given on the new NAI Arbitration Rules in the context of the revised Arbitration Act. The discussion will include what has changed, how the regulations relate to the law and some background information. more info >

1 January 2015

Both the new Dutch Arbitration Act and the new NAI Arbitration Rules have entered info force on 1 January 2015.  

1 January 2015

As of 1 January 2015 the fee for deposit of an award will be € 122.-.

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The NAI is for national and international trading partners
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The new
NAI arbitration rules

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