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Netherlands Arbitration Institute

Established as a foundation in 1949, the Netherlands Arbitration Institute (Stichting Nederlands Arbitrage Instituut; “NAI”) operates on a non-profit basis and performs its duties entirely independently and impartially. The NAI aims to promote a number of different types of alternative dispute resolution: arbitration, binding advice and mediation, in particular by providing trade and industry with soundly regulated arbitral, binding advice and mediation procedures. The NAI is the largest general arbitration institute in the Netherlands, a solid and innovative organisation with by far the most experience with and knowledge of different forms of ADR. The NAI is located in the centre of Rotterdam, the vivacious trading centre of the Netherlands with one of the largest ports of the world. The legal relation between the arbitrators and the parties, between the arbitrators and the NAI and between the NAI and the parties is governed by Dutch law. read more >


Latest News

20 November 2020

In a collaborative effort between the Netherlands Arbitration Institute (NAI) and the Dutch Arbitration Association, the NAI has published 2020 Virtual Hearing Guidelines for arbitrations with a Dutch seat.


The guidelines specifically aim to provide a practical approach to a videoconference hearing. The objective is to make videoconference hearings a suitable and effective replacement for physical hearings by using high quality devices, a secure platform and by ensuring an appropriate set-up of the venue. The guidelines cover various topics such as (i) pre-hearing arrangements, (ii) technical issues, specifications, requirements and support, (iii) hearing venues, (iv) confidentiality, privacy and security, (v) online etiquette and due process, and (vi) presentation of evidence and examination of witnesses.

19 November 2020

The Court of Arbitration for Art's (CAfA) inaugural session took place on 19 November 2020 and was a huge success! With over 235 attendees from different continents, the session was well attended.


CAfA was established to have complex art disputes resolved more timely and more efficiently, by expert decision makers and specialist technical experts. The NAI is the administrating body under the CAfA arbitration and mediation rules. Parties can submit their disputes to the CAfA now.


Speakers included Jean-François Canat, Founding partner at UGGC Avocats, Paris; Yu-Jin Tay, Partner at Mayer Brown, Singapore; Judith Wallace, Managing partner at Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP, New York; Martin Wilson, Chief General Counsel at Phillips Auctioneers, London. The session was moderated by Secretary General / Director General, Camilla Perera - de Wit (board member of CAfA).


17 November 2020

A new NAI Newsletter has been published.

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