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The Netherlands Arbitration Institute is an independent foundation. The NAI Executive Board consists of people from the business community, the legal profession and science who have extensive experience in the fields of arbitration, binding advice and mediation. The NAI also has an Advisory Board.

The NAI Secretariat, with its registered office in Rotterdam, administers arbitration, binding advice proceedings and mediation.


The names of the members of the Executive Board and the Managing Director of the Netherlands Arbitration Institute are as follows (as at 1 May 2018):

Professor G.J. Meijer (Attorney in Amsterdam/Professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam), President
Mrs. Professor C.J.M. Klaassen (Professor at Radboud University Nijmegen), Vice-President
Mrs. B.J. Korthals Altes (Attorney in Amsterdam), Secretary
E.J. Reuver RA RV (Director Travel Guarantee Fund/Calamity Fund), Treasurer
E.W. Dorrestijn (General Counsel Commercial, KPN), Portfolio holder ICT/operations

Managing Director

Mrs. F.D. von Hombracht-Brinkman, Managing Director


The NAI Board appointed the following persons as member of the Committee as mentioned in Article 19 of the NAI Arbitration Rules (or Binding Advice Rules):

Mrs. W. Tonkens-Gerkema, President
J.A.J. Peeters, Vice-President
Professor W.D.H. Asser
P.W. van Baal
D. De Meulemeester
Professor S.H.M.A. Dumoulin
F.W.H. van den Emster
Professor H.A. Groen
E.J. van Sandick
F.H.A.M. Thunnissen
M.B. Werkhoven
O.L.O. de Witt Wijnen

Advisory Board

The names of the members of the Advisory Board of the Netherlands Arbitration Institute are as follows (as at 1 May 2018):

Professor H.J. Snijders (Professor at Leiden University), President

R. Schellaars (Attorney in Amsterdam), Secretary
Mrs. H.J. van der Baan (Attorney in Amsterdam)
W.J. van Breemen (Global IT Manager Bird&Bird in Amsterdam/The Hague/London)
T.L. Claassens (Attorney in Rotterdam)
Professor F.J.M. De Ly (Professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam)
J. Fleming (Attorney in Amsterdam)

H.J. de Groot (Attorney in Groningen)
J.K. van Hezewijk (Attorney in Amsterdam)

G.J.H. Houtzagers (State advocate in The Hague)

D. Knottenbelt (Attorney in Rotterdam)

Mrs. M. van Leeuwen (Attorney in Paris, France)
Mrs. J.M. Luycks (Attorney in Amsterdam)

Professor M. Pheijffer (Professor at Leiden University and Professor Nyenrode Business University)

Mrs. D.A.M.H.W. Strik (Attorney in Amsterdam)
T. van der Valk (Attorney in Rotterdam)
Mrs. N. Vloemans (Attorney in Rotterdam)

Mrs. M. Wolfs (Secretary ICC Nederland)
Professor B. van Zelst (Attorney in Amsterdam, Extraordinary Professor at Maastricht University)


Under the direction of the NAI Administrator and Managing Director, the NAI Secretariat provides the actual administration of arbitration, binding advice proceedings and mediation using the relevant rules.

Mrs. F.D. von Hombracht-Brinkman, Director/Administrator

Ms. C. van Maanen, Deputy Administrateur

Mrs. Y.H. Mens, Coördinator Procedures

Ms. mr. M. Trouw, Legal Assistant

Ms. L. Assendelft, Administrative Legal Assistant/Office Manager

Mrs. E.L. Sucec-Groeneweg, Assistant Financial Administration
Mrs. M. Duin, Assistant Financial Administration
Ms. S. Mujcic, Student Secretary



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