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NAI Newsletter January 2015

Best Wishes for 2015

A new Arbitration Act, together with new Arbitration Rules and a new website! 2014 was a challenging year with, among other things, the drafting of the new Arbitration Rules, a fantastic NAI anniversary congress, multiple meetings of NAI Young Arbitration Practitioners (NAI Jong Oranje) and, as usual, a year-end meeting organised by the NAI and NAI Young Arbitration Practitioners. However, 2015 will not be any less challenging! We rolled up our sleeves to administer arbitrations, binding advice proceedings and mediations on the basis of the old and new Rules. The Arbitration Rules are ready, the Binding Advice Rules will follow shortly and the theme of 2015 will be designing supplementary and more varied rules. The new website has been launched and new NAI courses are in the pipeline, among which the rush hour course 'New NAI Arbitration Rules'. We wish you all a successful, inspiring and happy 2015. The NAI is ready!


New NAI Arbitration Rules

The coming Newsletters will contain updates on numerous changes to the NAI Arbitration Rules 2010. The changes were not only made due to the revision of the Arbitration Act. We are also responding to the needs of those in daily practice. The first amendment that we will be discussing results from parties' desire to have more say on the appointment of arbitrators.


New NAI Website

The NAI not only embraced the new NAI Arbitration Rules, but also a new NAI website.


Rush Hour Course - 9 March 2015 and 23 March 2015

On 9 March 2015 and 23 March 2015, new rush hour courses will take place, during which the new Arbitration Rules will be explained. Click here for more information.


Next Meeting of NAI Young Arbitration Practitioners (NAI Jong Oranje)

The next meeting will be on 19 March 2015. Professor E.G.C. Rassin (Erasmus University Rotterdam) will speak on the psychological aspects of decision-making by arbitrators. More information to follow.


Registry Fee 2015

As of 1 January 2015, the amount of the registry fee to deposit an arbitral award is € 122.



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