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NAI Newsletter January 2018

New Year Wishes

The NAI relocated and as of August last year is riding high on the 34th floor of the “Delftse Poort”, a modern high-rise, situated next to Rotterdam Central Station. The city can be perfectly overseen, including the old venue of the NAI on the Aert van Nesstraat. Right now we take a moment to look back at the year gone by. 2017 brought a lot of good things to the NAI, besides a new state of the art office: growth of 20% of new cases, full booked courses and colloquia. Most of all, we step into the new year with a fresh perspective. What will the new year bring? We hope amongst other things, to provide parties and arbitrators with the personal service they are used to from the NAI. The NAI secretariat wishes you a lot of happiness and health for 2018!

NAI Summary Arbitral Proceedings

In 2013 Mrs Verhoeven-de Vries Lentsch and Mr Schellaars held an independent study on Summary Arbitral Proceedings at the NAI. The outcome was published on our website. Recently they have updated the study and, based on the results, they again have written an article which can be found on our website.

NAI-CEPANI Colloquium – Tribunal Secretaries

On 5 October 2017, the NAI and CEPANI had the pleasure of hosting a second joint colloquium in Rotterdam on the topic of 'Tribunal Secretaries'.

The colloquium was preceded by a light walking lunch during which all participants begun the discussion in a more informal atmosphere.

Willem van Baren welcomed everyone, then the contributions of the speakers followed. Constantine Partasides spoke about transparency in international commercial arbitration and looked at the past, present and future. Jan Schaefer presented a business case for and against tribunal secretaries. Filip De Ly informed the audience about Rules and Case Law on tribunal secretaries, followed by Françoise Lefèvre who could tell more about the legal status of tribunal secretaries under Belgian law. Martijn Scheltema also spoke on the latter topic based on Dutch law. Finally a roundtable discussion moderated by Luc Demeyere, was initiated by Sophia von Dewall, Maarten Draye, Paul di Pietro and Jean-Pierre Fierens on the practice of tribunal secretaries followed by questions from the audience. Dirk De Meulemeester closed the Colloquium and drinks were served.

The presented reports were updated and collected and will be published in a book: “Arbitral Secretaries”, to be distributed by Wolters Kluwer (spring 2018).

End of year meeting 14 December 2017

The traditional NAI and NAI Young Arbitration Practitioners meeting was held on 14 December 2017 at Baker & McKenzie. Everyone who is interested in arbitration is more than welcome at these meetings. During this seminar Peter Ingelse and Bas van Zelst spoke about med-arb, the no man’s land between mediation and arbitration. During a very interactive meeting the use or danger of Med-Arb was discussed. Given the discussions that arose, this clearly is a subject people have differing opinions on and where the boundaries are not always clear. After the meeting champagne was served during the walking dinner accompanied by live music. Once again we thank Baker & McKenzie for their hospitality.


The NAI shall be organising courses in 2018, among which the basic course, the tribunal secretary course and a course on the latest developments in (NAI) arbitration (all in Dutch). On Wednesday 25 April 2018 the tribunal secretary course will take place during which tips and tricks for secretaries will be discussed. This course shall be given by Marieke van Hooijdonk, Rieke Smakman and Fredy von Hombracht-Brinkman. You will be receiving more information in the near future.

Registry Fee 2018

Where parties agree under the NAI Arbitration Rules 2015 to deposit an award with the registry of the district court, the amount of the registry fee for depositing an arbitral award is € 124 as of 1 January 2018. If arbitration is administrated under the NAI Arbitration Rules of 2010 (or older), an award is deposited, unless the parties agreed not to do so.

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