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The NAI is delighted to share with you its statistics of 2020! The NAI is the largest general arbitration institute in the Netherlands, a solid and innovative organisation with by far the most experience with and knowledge of different forms of ADR. The NAI is located in the centre of Rotterdam, the vivacious trading centre of the Netherlands with one of the largest ports of the world. 

New cases received in 2020: 84
Number of pending cases on 31 December 2020: 99* 
Total amount in dispute on 31 December 2020: approximately € 1.9 billion* **
*includes all pending cases on 31 December 2020
** approximate rounded amount
In 2020, the NAI saw a continuation of the steady influx of new cases, with 84 new cases being registered and 99 total cases pending on the 31st of December 2020.

*includes all pending cases in 2020

In 2020, the NAI saw a healthy balance between awards rendered by arbitral tribunals (41%) and parties terminating proceedings due to reaching an amicable settlement (36%).





*new cases only


In the types of procedures, it should be noted that the NAI’s summary arbitral proceedings are second in frequency behind regular arbitration proceedings. This highlights the added value that the summary arbitral proceedings offer to parties choosing the NAI Rules.





*new cases only


The nationalities of the parties shows the added value of the NAI Rules not only for parties based in the Netherlands but also for parties based abroad.






*new cases only


The balance between Dutch (57%) and English (43%) exemplifies the NAI’s proven strength in administering both national and international disputes.






*includes appointments in all pending cases in 2020


The majority of appointments of arbitrators in 2020 were by the parties and co-arbitrators directly (73%), however, a sizable number of arbitrators were appointed through the NAI’s unique list procedure (16%), and directly by the NAI (11%).






*includes appointments in all pending cases in 2020


**see also, the two following charts on appointments through the list procedure and direct appointments by the NAI






*includes appointments in all pending cases in 2020


**see also, the following chart on direct appointments by the NAI






We take great pleasure in showcasing that significant progress has been made in equalizing the gender of arbitrators directly appointed by the NAI. Since signing The Pledge in 2016, the NAI has been actively striving towards equal and fair representation in arbitration proceedings.






*new cases only


The diversity in the sectors of disputes commenced in 2020 highlights the NAI’s position as the largest general arbitration institute in the Netherlands. It also highlights the breadth and depth of the NAI’s arbitrator pool, who are able to apply their expertise in a diverse range of disputes.




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