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NAI mediation clause – English

“For the purposes of resolution of each and any dispute that has arisen or might arise further to the present agreement, or any further agreements resulting from the same, the parties shall – or a party shall – file a request for mediation with the NAI secretariat in accordance with the NAI Mediation Rules. If such request fails to result in a comprehensive resolution of the dispute by conclusion of a contract of settlement as referred to in Article 7(1) (a) of the NAI Mediation Rules, by an arbitral award on agreed terms as referred to in Article 8 of said Rules, or by a combination of both, the dispute – or any part thereof not resolved in any of the aforesaid manners – shall be resolved exclusively in accordance with the NAI Arbitration Rules.” *


* If the parties agree on arbitration as well, in case mediation does not lead to a solution, they may make provisions for certain matters with regard to such arbitration. Reference is made to the provisions under the heading “Recommended arbitration clause” as laid down in the Arbitration Rules of the Netherlands Arbitration Institute (NAI Arbitragereglement).



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